Thursday, April 16, 2009

Benjamin turns 6!

(I had my camera on the night setting, so these pictures are kind of fuzzy.)
My "little" boy is growing up. And too fast!
We ended up celebrating his birthday a day early. Kannon changed his teaching days to Mon. and Weds. So, we did the presents and cake on Tuesday. Benjamin invited his Grammy and Papa to come, too. I let Ben choose his own dinner. I thought I could make his favorite meal. But, he wanted to go to McDonald's so they could get kids meals with the "Monsters vs. Aliens" toys. We are NOT fans of McD's. We just don't like the food there. So, we ended up going to 3 drive-thrus. I picked Burger King and Kannon was craving Taco Bell. Altogether we spent under $20, so I was okay. After we ate (at home) Grammy and Papa showed up and we opened presents. This is the apron Grammy made for him. He told me what he wanted - Kannon wants one, too, so they can be "grill masters" together. She also made him a Scooby-Doo shirt that she brought over on his actual birthday. He wears it whenever it is clean!

(Ben typed some of this himself - it's in parenthesis.)
Ben likes this picture of him wearing his new spy goggles. The spy theme is his "thing" these days. He also got a paper airplane book, some science projects to do, 3 Cars semi-trucks, (sarah) bought (a car for ben she pickt it out at the store.) He got a few books and lots of cards.

Ben took pictures ( of his presens). I thought that was kind of cute. Here are a few of them.

We had a Boston Creme Pie for his cake. He always wants a yellow cake with pudding in it and chocolate frosting. I had a recipe from a magazine for the pie (which is really just a cake, so why do they call it a pie?). I showed him the picture of it and he said that would be good. He also got to pick out an ice cream from Schwan's. He chose Rocky Road. Grandpa Polish would be proud. Then there was playing with the toys, of course. Even Daddy got in on the action.

I can't believe he's already six. Only 2 more years to teach him everything he needs to know before his baptism. And we've finally made the decision to send him to school next year. We've been praying about it for a LONG time. The other day, as we walked to a friends' house, we passed the school and I just had the thought that that is where he needs to be. The next day, Ben told me he wants to go to school when he's 7. So we talked about school starting when he's 6 1/2 or 7 1/2. He picked 6 1/2. When I told Kannon about all of this, he just nodded his head. To me, that's the best I'm going to get as an agreement. But, I've been pretty relieved and even happy since then and that decision.
So, on his actual birthday he got a surprise delivery of balloons, and some special phone calls - about 5 or 6! Thanks to everyone who remembered him.

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