Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 09

We started our Easter activities on Friday evening with the egg dying. When we were done, I thought it was interesting that most of them were blue. That must have been the favorite. Everyone had a good time and I even got to do a few.

Saturday, Kannon was a judge for a welding competition in Reno. So, he was gone all day. The kids and I packed up our stuff and went out to my parents house. I got to take a long-needed shower (ours is still incomplete). Then, after much prompting, I hid easter eggs in the front yard. Then it was a free-for-all. I'm so glad Sarah doesn't care about getting the same amount as her brother, or that he was finding them faster than her. She just did it and had fun. Benjamin filled his basket, would shake it, squash it, and say, "I think I can find just one more."

We relaxed out there for the rest of the morning - until nap time. My parents had been out of town for awhile. We hadn't seen them for almost 2 weeks. So, it was nice to see them and visit a bit.

I'm so grateful that my parents raised me the way they did. We always did the easter bunny, egg hunt part of Easter on Saturday. That way Sunday could be devoted to the real meaning of Easter - the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. We started our week with an FHE about Easter and have been reading scriptures all week that correspond with the Savior's last week of his life. It's really been good for me - keeping the real meaning of Easter alive for me. I hope it was good for the kids - well, Ben anyway. And on Sunday we had an early FHE for this week, with a review of the crucifixion using plastic eggs filled with scriptures and items to represent each scripture. It was good. We also had pictures on the fridge to remind us.
We ended our Easter week with dinner at my Uncle's house. It was good to see my cousin and her family. We brought a ham steak and homemade rolls. A delicious potluck and lots of visiting. Ben loved playing outside with Joanne's kids. I really wish he had more opportunities to play with others. He needs to learn more give and take in his friendships. I'm learning that he's a little bossy!
This is the view of the sunset from my uncle's front yard. Wish we could see them more often without all the houses and wires, etc. that we see in town. Love the Nevada sunsets!


Margaret said...

Fun! I like the Easter egg hunt on Saturday too. I didn't dye eggs this year. There weren't any kids around to do it with. How sad.

Angela said...

Russell and I have always agreed that there are no other sunsets as beautiful as a Nevada sunset. Thanks for posting that picture.