Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bathroom Update

On Friday, Kannon and I took the youngest 2 with us to Carson City to the Home Depot. We were picking up the shingles to put on the outside of our new bathroom and the wainscoting for the inside. We asked, too, if our flooring had come in and they told us 3 more days. When we got home there was a message telling us that our flooring was in. Kannon was pretty annoyed and did a second trip to Carson City to pick it up. He traveled 4 hours that day. Well, we jumped right in on Saturday and got some of our projects done. These are the windows with the trim. There is some touch-up to do, but between us we were able to get it done without too much frustration.
Wow, you can really see how crooked this house is. Basically the space in between the windows is where the joint is for the old house and the extension on the porch (which is now our bathroom). It's pretty bowed right there. You can also see the paint color. Right now it looks pretty gray, which is the color I picked out. When the sun is shining it takes on a purplish hue. That's okay with me, because it matches the towels I bought about 2 years ago!
We put down our flooring. It's called "resilient flooring". This is Traffic Master by Allure. It is vinyl stick flooring and is a blond maple look. It was so easy to install. My knees are sore today, though. It's a floating floor and the pieces stick together with pre-glue strips. It becomes like an epoxy and doesn't come apart after a bit. To cut them to fit we only had to use a pencil, ruler and razor blade. It was actually kind of fun and I'm glad it was something I could help with.

Ben, with help from Dad, made supper for us. A lasagna hamburger helper. We told him we would start asking him to make dinner all the time now. He said he'd just make pizza all the time. Then mentioned that he'd need money and a car, too!

And this is the finished floor. I matches in color to the rest of our wood floors. I'm so excited to have this bathroom done!

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Jaime said...

You guys rock!!! Your house is getting some serious TLC and is going to be so beautiful!!!