Sunday, March 20, 2011


Tonight was fun. We've had a good Sunday. The kids have made me smile more than they've made me mad. At dinner I asked Ben to get me my camera. He asked me why, then answered his own question. "Oh, I know you're going to blog. You're going to brag on your blog. They should call it bragging not blogging." Kannon and I had a good chuckle over that one. He's pretty smart, my boy.
Sarah was looking out the window with us. We were watching it snow. She just randomly said, "I'm just going to sit right here and watch the world go by." Where did that come from?!
And Joshua was given a helium balloon today. It was in his room and the string's just that much too short for him to reach it on his own. Well, he grabbed his box of blocks, plopped it down on the floor and used it as a stool to reach his balloon. No prompting necessary when it comes to stools. I had to confiscate all of ours (2 from the kitchen, 1 from the bathroom and a myriad of other stool-like containers) but he always finds a way around that. I have a box in the kitchen of scrapbook stuff. It doesn't have a lid, but that doesn't bother him. He slides it around and steps on the corner of the box to give him a boost up.
On a side note, he's finally starting to try to speak. He's been jabbering forever. And we never know what he's talking about. He's been able to say mama, daddy, hot and ball. That's it. At 20 months we're used to a lot more than that. I think Ben was just a bit older than that when he could say the alphabet, numbers and colors (with prompting of course). I think Joshua is just too busy to slow down long enough to try. But, now he looks at me for a second and usually repeats at least the first sound of a word. Yay!
So, then our Sunday ended with a group hug. What a special, nothing extraordinary day!


Amy said...

It's always a fabulous day when you are happy with your kids more than angry! I TOTALLY agree! Today was one of those days here, too! Must be the 'spring snow' in the air!

Margaret said...

Loved all the posts! You are so creative. The bathroom is looking great and how fun to get to do the floor.

Sasha said...

Thanks for the sharing the funny little things your kids say, I love it! Ben is so smart. Tell him I am sure that Uncle Clint would agree that it should be called bragging not blogging!