Friday, March 6, 2009

Lifesavers - Flashback Friday

Last Sunday, right in the middle of Relief Society, I had a craving for butterscotch lifesavers. Then I started to wonder why you never see a roll of lifesavers anymore. They used to sell them with the candy bars at the checkout. I used to buy them. Now, the only lifesavers I ever see are the ones individually wrapped in a bag - usually peppermint or wintergreen flavor. So, what happened to the roll of butterscotch or fruit flavored ones? I loved the tropical ones, too. They had a pina colada lifesaver. Yum! Well, as I had my craving I remembered the older brother in my Grandma's ward that had lifesavers every week. He had rolls of them in his suit coat pockets. After church, all of the children would line up (or crowd around) this brother with their hands outstretched. He'd have a roll going, and would pop one out into your hand. It was an exciting time for us as little kids. What a treat after church! But, the butterscotch ones were my favorite, and I'd wait until he had one of those rolls opened before I'd stick out my hand. Today, Ben picks Sarah up from nursery and they both head straight for the Bishop's office. He has a jar of dum-dum suckers. I always wondered if someone would be the "lifesaver guy" for my kids. As sticky and messy as they get, and as greedy as it sometimes seems to me - I'm really glad they have this treat and memory of their own.


Margaret said...

It was Ferris Brough who had the lifesavers. I remember as kids and adult (hahaha) going to him every Sunday. When we were living in Wells, we would buy him a book full of lifesavers for Christmas each year. Maybe you should get your Bishop some dumbdumbs. Fun memory.

Jaime said...

I remember the tropical ones, they were yummy!