Thursday, March 19, 2009

This picture was taken tonight as I was blogging! Kannon yelled for me to "come quick, and bring the camera!" This is what I found. Ben got overzealous rolling his toothpast and it just flew out and all over poor Sarah. It actually took awhile to get all the blue and soapy toothpaste out of her hair. The rest was pretty easy. Poor kid. =(

We had a fun last weekend. We decided to take a drive up to Mt. Rose and try our hand at sledding. We've been wanting to do that since last winter and finally made the effort. We took Jackie and Nathan (my brother) with us. We were really glad to see that there was still snow! It's been so warm in our town, we've been wearing t-shirts outside. But, we brought plenty of snow gear. This is Jackie and Sarah going down the hill. And that's the end of Sarah's experience. She spent the rest of the time in the burb. She lost a boot going down and ended up with her face in the snow.

Kannon and Ben had their share of rides. They kept going up higher, until they were as high as they could go. The trek up almost got them to quit a few times. Now, on the picture above (of Ben) you can just see a part of the highway that runs there. Kannon and Ben slid right up to that edge a few times! If they had gone any farther up they would have had about a 5-foot drop onto the road (or under a car!) Nathan had had a biking accident and decided he was hurting too much. But, he went down with Ben one time. I took one turn on a sled. I didn't go up very far and ended up laying down backwards in the snow. Then, on their last ride down I hiked up to the top and wasn't sure how to get down. So, I ended up sliding down on my rear a ways. It was a little cool up there, my fingers got cold while doing pictures and video. But, we had hot chocolate and the sun was out by the time we were getting done and that was a bit warmer. I'm glad we got to enjoy some real snow before the winter is all over - tomorrow!

We welcomed the chance to have a St. Patrick's Day/Green dinner with the family on Sunday. Our ward's enrichment was on Tuesday, so we decided to celebrate early. We each contributed to our green meal, and we all ate too much!

Our dinner: mashed potatoes, pistachio salad, green beans,

quesadillas made with green tortillas, deviled eggs and kool-aid. My

mom also made these delicious mint brownies!

I've had myself a busy week. Monday was laundry. Tuesday- the enrichment dinner, I was on the committee and made bread (6 loaves!) for the occasion. I was pretty worn out by the end, after helping serve and clean up. We had a really nice evening based on "The Daughter of a King." Wednesday was my ultrasound. And no....we're not finding out this time. As far as I know everything else looked fine. I started drinking my water at 3:00 - appt. at 3:45 - was told our hospital is no longer contracted with our insurance (WHAT?!) - had to wait forever - then as the baby moved around my bladder hurt so bad. Gratefully, she didn't make me wait to long before letting me go. When we finally got done, we were the last 2 in the doctors office - it was after 5 pm. Today (thursday) I went to Reno to finally finish the root canal, etc. that started on Dec. 6th! I can't believe it has taken 3 1/2 months to complete. I got my crown today and it better not come off or I'll be thoroughly upset. I plan on finding a new dentist ASAP. Tomorrow, being the first day of spring, will be celebrated by a walk to the park.

Welcome Spring!!!

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The Ruff Family said...

you have got your hands full with your little one. She is so cute though.