Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Another Big Family Weekend

First off - this little man turned 1 month! We're still learning all about "it" here. He wakes up whenever he wants, but doesn't always want to eat anymore when he cries. So, I have to figure out what he wants - usually just a cuddle! He's super sweet that way. I love to hold him and sometimes do even when it's my only chance to shower or get some work done! He likes to be held when he is awake. Fusses after a few minutes if I put him down somewhere. The kids still adore him and kiss him or want to hold him all the time. Still not sleeping real well. At least once a night he's up for a few hours!

So, I loved the cool weather of the weekend! We got our a/c fixed just in time for it! We had to pay another whopping $1000 + to get it fixed - again! We've learned not to take your specialty service needs to a general automotive place. Apparently, when we had it fixed last summer and the summer before that, they put in some wrong parts and didn't clean out the metal stuff and it just ruined it again. At least now the kids won't be so hot and I'm even willing to ride in the back again. Just wish we could have kept that money for the baby bills that are arriving now!

We left Friday afternoon for Elko. We had dinner and stayed up to play games. Joshua was very fussy and I was very tired - not a great combination. Plus, there's always the worry that we will be bothering someone (with the crying, etc.) Still not sure if he was colicky or just out of sorts with the travel and so many people around. He did pretty good the rest of the weekend. On Saturday morning, Kannon went to yard sales with his Dad and I slept in a bit. Helped get things ready for the wedding reception, took a shower, and went shopping with my 2 sisters-in-law, cousin-in-law and Kannon's aunt. I found a couple pairs of capris to get me through the summer and some school clothes for Ben. Then we rushed home (all of this in pouring rain) to get ready for the wedding. Kannon had the kids ready, I changed and we went.

Kannon's brother JJ was getting married to Misty. It was a quick, simple ceremony. We're very happy for them and excited to have a bigger family - new aunt and 3 new cousins!

This is new cousin Gaby - she and Sarah are inseparable!
I was pretty cranky on our drive home. I really wanted a nap, but the kids weren't sleeping and if I did fall asleep Kannon would hit the "wake-up" bumps. I feel like I'm still trying to catch up on my sleep - I basically sleep through the night-time feedings.
It was good to get home, but it took me a few days to get all the stuff put away. Kannon's getting anxious to do some canning - he got out all the bottles and canners. We've got beets ready, pears on the way, and he wants to buy tomatoes since our plants didn't produce like we wanted.
I finally got Ben his swim lessons. That was one of his birthday presents (April!). When I had gone in to sign him up, they were finished until June 15th - right when I was expecting a new baby! Well, the baby didn't come and didn't come - then he came and I needed some time to adjust, obviously. So, Kannon finally got him signed up for the last session of the summer. But then I didn't have a car and had to rely on family and friends to take him the first 3 classes. When I finally got to go I realized he was in the 2nd level - again. He's taken that level the last 2 years and passed it! So, after a lot of talk and negotiation we got him into a level 3 group. We had to switch our time, but it's worth it to me. What a waste it would've been to keep him in 2. He's doing so well. Yesterday he swam across the pool all by himself. We've got one more day. I don't know if he'll pass, but I'm sure it wouldn't hurt him to do this one again since he missed so many of the days. Sarah also got lessons. I hadn't planned on signing her up. I thought I'd wait til she was 4 like we did with Ben. But, the 2nd day of his lessons, she was in her swim suit waiting for the ride. She cried when he left and I told her she had to stay. Tears again the next day and when we took Ben she was begging me the whole time to get in the water. So, I went ahead and signed her up, too. She's loving it, not learning much, but I guess that's what this first level is really all about - getting them comfortable in the water. We'll probably repeat it next year. But, they've both loved it and it hasn't been too bad for me either. (Just wish I could swim, too!)
She was eating bananas - they reach up and pick them with both hands, teaching them how to move one arm out of the water at a time.
Ben's favorite part is getting to jump off the diving board at the end of each lesson. He does great to swim to the side by himself.

Finally catching up on some sleep. All 3 kids took naps and I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity, so I laid on the couch with the baby. When Ben and Sarah woke up, she climbed on me, too. I got about 2 hours of sleep, yay!


The Crew said...

Hey, we miss you guys! Things are going well though. We'll have to let you guys know when we are coming out that way, and get together then!

The de Arrieta's said...

First off, you were in Elko! No, it is fine. Family always fist. I never get to see anyone when I am in Fallon unless they come to me.

I met your new sister-in-law before when she was married to someone else. Her step-daughter was in my class. I also ran into them at church one time. Very sweet.