Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First day of School

Ben's been looking forward to this day for a long time - me too! He almost didn't live to see Tuesday! But, here he is eating his chosen breakfast of toast and applesauce.
He almost left without us. Sarah had her own lunch ready and packed, too. She ended up eating it as soon as we returned from the drop-off. She didn't really like her breakfast.

When we got to the school, we walked around to the playground and looked for his teacher. We didn't see her, so we headed toward the classroom and found her just outside the door. He took off inside and I waited for him to come back to tell him where I'd meet him after school.

But, when he came back he took off to the playground. I couldn't see him at first and finally found him playing on the slide. Before I could remember why I was waiting around the bell rang and he was gone again!

So, we left and as soon as we got on the sidewalk Sarah, who had been whining about playing on the toys and staying at the school, said, "I don't want to leave my brother here." And started sniffing. =( I promised we'd have a special lunch together later. Which we did. We walked across the street to Jack in the Box. I tried really hard not to rush her. She just eats slow and I eat fast and I was ready to go home, but I waited until she said she was ready. It was such a nice day. I really enjoyed the peace. No fighting, screaming, bugging, yelling, hitting, naughty-spot, etc. It was great!
Sarah asked about getting her brother, or when he'd be home, quite a few times. I know she missed him, but she did really well on her own. She played quietly, we read a story, she watched a few shows. But, again, I loved it!
Sarah took a nap after that and when it was time to pick up Ben I just took the baby with me. I waited outside his classroom, with a bunch of other parents! He looked tired, but was still anxious to tell me about his day. We recorded it so that Kannon could experience it ,too. (He's got class Mon-Thurs this week, so he hasn't gotten to see the kids since Sunday!) He forgot to raise his hand a few times, he'd been worried about that. I guess today he had to move his clip to "lose 5 min. recess time." He was talking to loudly to the girl who sits next to him, she's his new friend. He is also excited to have 2 other friends in class, Britten and Jonathan, and has made new friends, too. He was surprised it was only 3 when he got home and not 7! He thought he'd be home that late. Don't know where he got that idea.
Since the kids have to share a room, still, we are going to change bedtimes. They end up talking, playing, fighting, etc. So, Ben will go to bed at 8 and Sarah at 9. Because she takes a nap, she isn't tired enough at 8 and never goes to sleep til 9 or later anyway. But, we end up fighting and Ben is kept up by her, too. Hopefully he will be willing to accept that he has to go to bed first. And maybe later, as her naps fade out, she can switch to an earlier bedtime. OR - we can just get a bigger house, with 3 bedrooms or more!

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The de Arrieta's said...

Hmmm that teacher looksvery familiar! Great to see siblings. Hope he likes her!