Friday, August 7, 2009

Friends, Family & Joshua's Blessing

We said goodbye to some really good friends last week. Kiersten and I went through our pregnancies together, even in the hospital at the same time. Sarah and Eliza playing dress-up.

Ben and Ezra playing the Wii. We've enjoyed having many play dates with them and visiting for hours. We got to have them over one last time before they moved on to bigger things. We already miss them - have teared up many times - but hope they are doing well, fitting into their new place and meeting new and wonderful friends. We'll see you when you come to visit!

This is my gift. The one creative thing that I make. I made a few of these for my m-i-l to give as gifts and made a few to give as well. If you are interested I am selling them! Vintage handkerchief onesies, each one is an original!

Loved spending another day at the lake. Now let me write how I really felt: I loved the time with my family, but hated that I didn't get to swim - again! I hit the 6 week mark soon and hope that we can go one more time before the water and summer are gone.

Grammy, Ben and Sarah (& Sandy)

Sarah made sand piles with Jackie.

It was kind of a family reunion weekend. We had all but John and Heather here. So we did the lake and Rock Band and had a Baby shower for Jackie - they're having a girl in November. My cousin Heather got married and we all went to the reception -very happy for her and Spencer.

This outfit got many "aah"s.
And on Sunday we had Joshua blessed at church. My mom made his blessing outfit, which we picked out together. I think it's adorable!

It was an incredible blessing - I so appreciate that Kannon has and honors the priesthood. It was special to hear the emotion in his voice. I was trying to write down the blessing and had to often tell Sarah to "sh". Joshua was a good baby during the blessing. Kannon said he only moved once, when he talked about the temple. I loved having so much of the family there to participate. From my family was: my dad, Nathan, b's-in-law Levi and David. Kannon's family had: his dad, Kreg, b-i-l Clint.
Most everyone stayed for church and we had a really nice barbecue at our house afterward. It was nice to have had everything prepared in advance and to have such a nice big backyard. It reminded me of dinners at the Bake Reunion.

So, it was a big weekend. Way too many late nights for me. I think it was worth it, though. I sure enjoyed visiting with everyone. Wish it could have lasted longer. Will be looking forward to Christmas when we all get together again!

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