Sunday, August 14, 2011

Let the summer start!!!

The day after school let out we headed to the mountains. We hadn't had a chance to go sledding in the winter, so we decided to take advantage of the late spring and try to find some snow. It wasn't very hard.

We started with a stop at the mall. We needed to buy Kannon some new church pants. It was Saturday and he realized he'd left his church clothes in Elko the week before. Luckily I had some shirts I could return to JCPenney and so we got the new pants (2 pairs) for free!! (I know that's not the kind of 'free' some people are able to do, but we were happy to not have to spend money that day.)

We drove up to my sister Susan's new apartment in Incline Village. It started sprinkling snow on us up there. We checked out their new place and made a lunch. Then we went back to the sledding hill. It was snowing on us the whole time. We had a ton of fun. Lots of climbing, screaming and getting wet. Kannon and I really need to invest in our own snow pants.

This is Ben, in the orange coat. Remember my camera was still broken here. So, I couldn't see what the pictures looked like.

That strip of gray is a road. You can see the cars there. I was so scared I was going to sled off the edge and onto the road. But, the tube always stopped before the edge. Phew!

Sarah making a snow angel. (Later in the summer she made a sand angel, too!)

Joshua waiting for someone to haul him up the hill.

We always seem to meet interesting people when we go sledding. This time we loaned a sled to a family who were seeing snow for the first time. Their little girl cried on the way down.

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