Sunday, August 28, 2011

July 2011

Phew! July was a super-busy but fun month. Lots of pictures here!

I've wanted hollyhocks at this house since we bought it. I've tried planting them a few times, with no results. Last fall, this plant just popped up next to the sidewalk in our yard. I was so excited to have hollyhocks this summer! I plan on gathering the seeds (something I should go do right now!) and planting them for next year.

Joshua has spent so much of his time outside this summer. Often coming back in muddy, wet, or half naked!

The first weekend in July we headed toward Ely to go camping. Kannon grew up camping in that area and when he made a list of his top 10 camping sites, more than half were near Ely, NV. So, we figured we'd better make the most of one of our free summer weekends and go camping there. We left right after work and made it to Ely about 8 pm. By the time we got to where we had planned on camping, Camp Success, it was dark. By the light of the headlights we discovered that Camp Success is a by-reservation-only campground and it was inaccessible. We had driven over rocky, twisty roads, in the dark to get here. The kids were nervous and we were stressed. We decided to keep going on this dirt road to the next campground. By the time we got there the kids were all asleep and it was about 10 pm. We found an empty spot and quickly set up our tent and beds and ate a bit of taco salad I had brought for our dinner. We were right next to a creek. It was fun to hear it running all night. This was Timber Creek campground. We will definitely keep it on our list of favorites. It was cool, but not cold. Quiet and beautiful. We were close to the outhouse and had running water, too. We spent the next day (Saturday) hiking up the mountain, playing in the trickle pool, napping and exploring.

Ready to hike - Ben is awfully good at finding a walking stick everywhere we go.
Taking a break.

Sarah had injured her ankle and foot earlier in the week. I still don't know what she did, but she'd been walking on her toes and when we started hiking it started hurting. So, here is Daddy wrapping her ankle. Mom's feet had been pretty sore lately, too, so we didn't hike as much as the boys wanted to.

I love the look of joy on Joshua's face!

We headed off the beaten path a few times and, because the snow was still melting on the mountain, we had a few streams to try and cross. We got to place where we couldn't get past the water anymore and we turned back.

Joshua fell asleep on his Daddy's lap in the afternoon. He wouldn't lay down with me in the tent. We ended up propping Kannon's arm up with a pillow. It was a normal 2-hour nap!

We warmed our camp showers on the cement all day and gave the kids showers before it got too dark and cool. We saved some water for us to use when it got a bit darker out. By the time we took our showers the water was still fairly warm, but there was a cool breeze. Still, it felt good to be clean.

We had a good fire. Whoever had been at the campsite before us, had left a lot of wood. We roasted hot dogs over the fire and later we did s'mores. Sarah fell sleep in her chair. The boys had a good time with their glow sticks, until Joshua started getting too violent and hitting everyone. Then it was off to bed.

On Sunday, we packed up and left to attend church in McGill. Then we had lunch with Kannon's extended family. Aunt Karen and her family were at their Ely house for the weekend. Kannon's parents and sister were also there. We went over to see Grandpa Polish, too.

We always struggle a bit at his house. The kids are so busy and his house isn't exactly child-proof. But, we had a nice visit despite the chasings.
We stayed at aunt Karen's that night. They had a houseful, but were kind enough to let us camp in the living room. Once the kids were in bed, we sat out on the front porch and visited, playing with the people on the streets and Kannon's laser lights.

On Monday, after a fantastic breakfast, Kannon and I went to a local store where all their Sketchers were on sale. 75% off. We stocked up on shoes for the kids for a few years to come. We got back just in time to meet the family at the parade. And also just in time for a downpour. The rain came down for a good long time. We had just an umbrella or two between us. My back got soaked trying to keep everyone dry under this one umbrella. (After our 5-hour trip home I was still a bit damp.)

Uncle Nick, Kannon, and cousin Matthew. A lot of people left, but we stayed. It looked like it was about over, but just kept going. It was as if the cloud was going around in a circle. We could see the blue sky so close. It was cold and wet. It even hailed on us for a bit. Finally it stopped and we enjoyed a really great parade.

On our way out of town, to go home, we stopped at the Garnet Hill. A place where anyone can come and look for garnets. We thought we would be more likely to find them after the hard rain, but it hadn't poured out there, yet. Still, we found quite a few rocks containing garnets. That's my birthstone and I'd love to find a way to make one of our findings into a jewelry piece someday.

About half way home we stopped for a little movement. There was a small rest stop and campground with a small hikes to see the petroglyphs. It was a good break from our long drive. And Kannon found a squirrel living in the bathroom! Just something random.

We got back to Fallon just in time for the fireworks. We watched from the Numa Elementary parking lot. With blankets on the grass, good friends around us and free root beer floats from some really nice people, we ended our 4th of July Weekend.

This month Ben discovered the show iCarly. He enjoys watching it on netflix. Then came the day that he discovered he owned the same shirt that Freddy wore on the show when he had a double. So, we had to take this picture!

In the middle of July we met with the rest of the Polish family at Lagoon, in Utah, for a family reunion. We had a very enjoyable day there. Lots of riding and playing and eating!

Joshua and Dristen

Gaby and Sarah

On the train.

Kannon and I weren't as brave as we once were. I took Joshua and Gaby on the sky tram and really struggled with it. It used to be my favorite ride. I was so worried the whole time. I wonder if that had anything to do with the fact that I had Joshua with me. I felt like he was just going to slip right out and fall to his death. Scary. Kannon took the kids on the Rattlesnake Rapids and all but Sarah went on the Ferris Wheel. Kannon even got to do the giant swing thing with his brothers. He was so nervous, but ended up loving it. He's trying to get me to say I'll do it next time, but that is so not me!

The next weekend was Cub Scout day camp. I had had a horrible time getting all the forms together to be turned in on time. Somehow I didn't get the information until it was almost too late. But, we had a great time and as far as I know, everyone came that wanted to. It was a hot day and we spent a good chunk of it outside. I was exhausted by the end of it and will definitely be more prepared for the next time.

Ben, loading his bb gun.

Building teepees.

We had a family competition night. It was just a fun deal. This is the football kick.

And relaying balls from one bucket to the other.

Can you see the look of joy and excitement on his face?!

We spent the last weekend in July, again, in Utah. We had the opportunity to attend a mission reunion there. It was fun to see so many of the old missionaries and especially our mission president and his wife. Ben stayed in Elko to attend his cousin Mikale's baptism. But, Sarah and Joshua had a fabulous time playing in President Engebretsen's yard. There was even a giant blow-up slide. But, it was another really hot July day and we tried to stay in the shade as much as possible.

Most of the sisters are now married, but I don't know them by their married names. So, here are

Julianna Strunk, me, and Jennifer Hardman. I never served with the other sister and can't remember her name. Can anyone help me out? Sister Munns?

Jenna Werbelow and me

There were so many more missionaries I wish we could have seen. It's been 12 and a half years since I came home from my mission. That's plenty of time to make a busy life for each of us. Of course not everyone can come to an event like this. But, I was hoping. At least I have facebook to keep me in touch with so many of my missionary friends. We'll have to catch up at the next reunion! And see YOU soon for an August update!


Angie said...

How exciting! We haven't been up in the mountains hiking or camping this year and this totally makes me want to get up there! Loved seeing you at the reunion...glad you guys were able to make it! You have such an adorable family...I love the pic of Ben in that shirt! SO cute!

Margaret said...

I like your monthly posts, Sounds like a fun filled, hot July.

Jaime said...

You guys are such adventurers!! I love hearing about all the fun things you do. :)