Sunday, August 14, 2011

May 2011

Never have I been so long getting back to my blog. 3 months. How embarrassing. The thing about being so far behind is that I don't want to catch up. But, I'll give it a go.

Here's our 3-generation picture from Mother's Day.
Not too shabby - Sarah, Me and Mom/Grammy

This little guy is such a handful. I've often said, "If he wasn't so cute he might be harder to love." Seriously! He is always smiling like this and that makes it easier to look past all the screaming, hitting, throwing, spilling, muddy messes.
See, I took too long and I don't remember when this was exactly. But, our spring lasted a long time. I'm totally good with that. I like the cooler weather and really enjoyed all the rain we got, too. This was a snowy day. In May. Kind of rare for our part of the country. But it's been awesome to see how much the extra moisture has added to our lake this year. Check out July's blog post!

Once again, we participated in the library's Teddy Bear Tea. They have prizes for the winner in each category. Sarah picked the princess bear. She won first prize and got to take home a princess bead set and a crown. (Some of my pictures might be off a bit. I was using my camera that has a broken screen, so I couldn't see what the picture was until I viewed them on the computer. Right now I'm using my old camera and hoping to save up for a really good and fancy one.)

Benjamin decided, at the last minute, that he wanted to do the race car driver bear. I thought it turned out really good. He even had a cardboard race track to go with his bear. He didn't win, but he should have. The winner had a teddy bear with race car slippers on. That's it. Oh well. It's good for him to lose sometimes. We have to learn how to be good losers and good winners.

Joshua won first prize for his sports bear (thanks Daddy, for loaning the nike headband!) He got to bring home a basketball and a football.

(This particular teddy bear has been mine since I was a teenager. His name is Precious. When we were engaged and apart, Kannon slept with my teddy bear - he missed me. So sweet!)

And because I'm competitive I entered my own bear. (I like to help the library out, too, and by bringing in our bears and paying the fee to enter them, we help fund the summer reading program.) I did the glamour bear and was excited to win first prize. The prize for this one was a free family portrait from a studio in town. I'm excited to use that!

Sarah graduated from ABC School. That was a super happy day for me. I was really excited to have a break from it. I'd been teaching with my kids since Ben was 4! I'm taking a year or two off, until Joshua starts his group.

Rayanne/Braden, Me/Sarah, Kim/Wyatt, Heather/Jacob, Cherilee/James

On to Kindergarten!

(Which, as I'm typing this, starts tomorrow!)

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Jaime said...

Wow! You guys almost had a clean sweep at the library! What a fun promotion they have! Hope Kindergarten is going well!