Saturday, August 27, 2011

Our summer birthdays!

Sarah turns 5. I love how she used her hands on her cheeks to help her blow out the candles. All 5 of them. Just wait until there are 10!

This year I finally realized how close together my kids birthdays are. I know they aren't as close as same day or only days apart, but 2 weeks is still pretty close when there are only 5 birthdays in the family. We celebrated Sarah's birthday at teh end of June. A big 5-year-old girl. I can tell she's my middle child. She goes back and forth from acting like a baby, to trying to be all grown up. I love that she loves to wear dresses or skirts everyday and that pink is her favorite color. She plays well alone but also enjoys playing with either or both of her brothers. She's still a sensitive child, letting us know, with tears in her eyes, when we've hurt her feelings.

She had a great birthday. They sang to her at church. Grammy and Papa came over to celebrate. She got lots of fun presents. I made her a cake, a unicorn cake. Well, I did my best anyway. It was a pony cake but she wanted a unicorn. A few days ago she let me know that I put its' horn in the wrong spot. No wonder it looked so goofy!

She's right, this looks more like a Rhino. It's supposed to go up by the ears. Whoops!
I got the plan from a Family Fun magazine awhile back. I'm pretty sure you can still find it on the web site.

Joshua turned 2 at the beginning of July. 2 already? Yep, 2-years-old. He's been quite the handful. Unless we are at home I'm chasing him around. And even at home we've had a few scares and more than our share of messes.

Joshua got a little basketball hoop. He loves balls and loves playing with them. Ball is one of his favorite words. He has only a small repertoire of words. Mommy, Daddy -he's been calling me this lately, ball, blue, side -which can be either outside or slide, Darah (for Sarah). Yeah that's about it.

I was debating between a monkey or Blue for his cake. Blue is what Sarah really wanted and Joshua was totally on board with it, too.

Joshua really likes it when we sing. As a family we sing some of his favorite primary songs most nights. Book of Mormon Stories is his favorite. Obviously he doesn't sing, but is really good at the hand movements.
He got a kick out of us singing to him for his birthday. And did a perfect job of blowing out his candles.

Happy birthday to both of my babies! I love them both so much!

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Hanna said...

Happy Late Birthday Guys! What incredible cakes Liz! I've always told you you should open a bake shop! Good job!