Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Haunted House

By Ben Polish and Toby Anderson
Chapter 1 Robots
Today we went inside the storeroom (aka the old Wal-Mart.) When we went inside, we saw a bunch of jails. Then we saw a rocket ship and 10 armies of robots. They were just standing there ready to march into war.
Chapter 2 Blood Stains
We found a bunch of fast cash tickets. There was a little pharmacy place we went into. There were little black spots that looked like blood stains. Then, we sat down to write a story.
Chapter 3 Hearts
We went into the restrooms and they still worked!!! Next, we saw some robot hearts that were out of their bodies waiting to be fixed.
Chapter 4 Ghost- Spider- Snake
We saw a ghost and spiders. There were snakes. I felt claustrophobic. There were shadows and claw marks everywhere.
Chapter 5 Voldamort!
Zombies and goblins were attacking us. We saw Voldamort from Harry Potter. He threatened us saying we had to be his servants or he would kill us. We started to panic. We said no, so he used a spell on us. It was the wrong spell and we turned into students from Gryffindor.
He said, “Ahhhh man.”
Chapter 6 Hufflepuff
Then we used our wands and turned him into a Hufflepuff student. So, the war for Hogwarts was on.
Chapter 7 Narnia
Next, some evil Narnia creatures came. They started attacking us, but we turned them to the good side.
Chapter 8 Harry Potter
The Narnia creatures started attacking Voldamort. Harry Potter joined them and destroyed Voldamort.
Chapter 9 Bloody Barren
Then the Bloody Barren passed us and we quickly evaporated him.
Chapter 10 Wasps
A few minutes later wasps started attacking us. We turned into Bionicles and finally defeated Master Dora.
Chapter 11 Danger
We found that we were surrounded by spiders and snakes. Then George of the Jungle came swinging in on a vine and chopped off their heads. Then he swung into a tree. Ouch.
Chapter 12 Robot War
After that, Stitch, the leader of the 10 armies of robots, wanted to have a big honkin’ war.
Chapter 13 Halo
We hired 50 armies of Spartan dudes and 50 armies of Elite dudes. That began the War of Halo.
Chapter 14 War again?
Eighty-two chapters away, another war began. Autobots vs. Decepticons.
Chapter 96 Autobots Win
We turned ourselves into Transformers. Luckily, we did that at the right time because we saw some Autobots defeating Decepticons and we were able to help them win.
Chapter 97 Ook and Gluk
We finally defeated the Decepticons. Then we saw Ook and Gluk karate chopping one of our Autobot guys so we defeated them too.
Chapter 98 The end?
We heard a big explosion. Then we saw fire and smoke coming towards us so we started running.
Chapter 99 Harry Potter to the Rescue
Then Harry Potter came on his broomstick and picked us up but professor Quirrell was controlling Harry’s broomstick and that made us fall.
Chapter 100!!! Hospital
We woke up in pain at the hospital. We thought we saw a wizard’s chessboard, wizard crackers, chocolate frogs and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans. After two weeks, we went back to school and we had a lot of make-up work to do.

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