Monday, September 26, 2011

Crater Lake

We were sad to leave the coast, but I totally loved the drive back across Oregon. It was beautiful and more than once I wondered if I could happily live there.

At lunch time we stopped at Crater Lake and ate a picnic lunch. (Okay, really, I stood at the back of the suburban and slapped together some sandwiches.

Everyone ate them sitting in their seats.) Then we drove around the loop a bit and took a short hike to get a different view of the lake.

Throwing a snowball at mom. It was fun to see a bit of snow still

hanging out, dirty as it may have been. From Crater Lake, the rest of the drive was kind of rough for me. You know when you are almost there, but not quite there? And you just want to be there? Well, that's how it was. Some of the drive was really pretty, but mostly I was ready to be done. Especially when I had to stop for a potty break and there were bear warning signs on the doors. Or the next stop, which was in the bushes! The kids were out off and on and for sure during the last hour. Although, that meant that when we got home at 10 pm they were wide awake!

I think this trip was amazing. We had so much fun as a family and I think we'll have these memories forever. It was a great way to reconnect. And we have plans to go again in 5 years when the boys can go play in the sand and us girls can do some beauty and shopping stuff.

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