Monday, September 26, 2011

Aug 2011 - Oregon coast day 1

When we got to Crescent City the night before, we could hear seals barking. So, our first order of business was to go find them. They were at this dock across the street from The Curly Redwood Lodge, where we stayed. It was a bit chilly.

We continued north into Oregon!
I think our first stop was at Harris Beach (it's been long enough, and we stopped at so many beaches, I just can't be positive.).

There was a lot of digging, looking for starfish (Kannon was determined to find one in a tidepool along the way - we didn't ever accomplish that), climbing rocks, and running from waves.

I don't remember stopping much on our way to Coos Bay. We had a campspot at William M. Tugman State Park. Once we got our tent set up, we headed back to Coos Bay to try and make it to Sunset Bay for the actual sunset. We missed it by about 10-15 minutes. We enjoyed a short hike and the ocean at this time of day.

You can see the Cape Arago lighthouse from this pullout on the road.

The Pacific Ocean.

We met some other lookers, who said a whale was seen nearby all day.

We could also hear the seals barking, but it was too dark to really make them out. So, we decided we'd come back in the morning.

We had a nice night. The sites at this campground were a LOT closer together. But, it didn't seem to matter, since we spent only our sleeping hours there.

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