Monday, September 26, 2011

End of Summer Party

We had our 2nd annual So-Long-Summer party a few days after

our Oregon trip and a few days before the kids went back to school.

The mommies staying cool in the shade with cute fans!

There were yummy cookies, popsicles, and my ice cream sandwiches which were literally a flop! I hadn't ever actually made my own ice cream sandwiches before, but I really wanted to do something fun and Ben helped me come up with, what I thought, would be a great idea. We made our orange dreamsicle cookies and then smashed vanilla ice cream in the middle. But, I thought I needed to soften the ice cream first. That was my first mistake. They ended up rather messy, but still tasted delish!

The kids played with squirt guns, water balloons and sprinklers and left with a swirly sucker.

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