Sunday, September 25, 2011

Aug 2011 - the Redwoods

We attended church in Fort Bragg where it was misty and cool. We stopped at Mac Kerricher State Park. We ate a picnic lunch (defending it from the sea gulls - we actually took cover in the Suburban) and walked the boardwalk.

We were headed to the Redwood National Park and a hotel in Crescent City. There was a lot of napping and even more driving!

There were 2 drive-thru trees and we only stopped at one. We paid $5 to take this picture, our car was too big to fit!

We stopped a few times while driving through the Redwoods. It felt like night-time because the trees made it dark.

We loved the root ends of the fallen trees!

This root end may not have been huge, but the tree itself is the longest fallen tree on record.

This one is the Founder's Tree. We came upon it at the end of a short hike we took. We ended up a ways away from the suburban, almost thought we were lost.

The rest of the day was the worst part of the trip, for me. I drove and it got dark and misty. Our wipers weren't really working and I was on an unfamiliar, very twisty road. It was late when we finally got to our hotel - 10 pm. We hadn't eaten yet and I'd brought hot pockets to heat and eat. Well, this particular "suite" didn't have a microwave. We improvised with sandwiches. And then we slept like the dead.

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Angie said...

I've always wanted to go to the Redwoods! I can't believe those tree! I'm the same when it's dark and misty/raining...hard to see anything. Sounds like you guys wore yourselves out having a great time though!