Sunday, January 5, 2014

December 2012

The pictures in this post aren't all in chronological order.  Just sayin'.
We went out to Carroll Summit again to find our perfect Christmas tree.  Joshua wasn't feeling too well.  The weather was great, though, and we hiked around a bit to find this gem.

My trooper.  Always does the cutting and hauling. 
Stopping to check out the well.  This thing is huge, but really neat.

Stopped at Harmon Junction for the best soft serve cones ever!

Benjamin's 4th grade class produced their version of The Christmas Carol.  They did a great job.  This is Ben in one of his two roles:  bell ringer, and man #2 (or something like that.)  He was more than happy having these small parts.  Loved being a part of the production, but didn't require the large roles, not so much his mother's son.
How about that top hat?  We couldn't find one in time, so we made one.  Out of cardboard.  I think it was awesome!



Opening the Christmas pajamas that Grandma Polish made them.

Kannon was feeling a bit under the weather.  He spent most of the day resting.
Popping the bubble fillers.  Better than any present for a 3-year-old boy!
Ben (and I) made Sarah some Rapunzel hair.
Sarah made Ben some wands.  Harry Potter style.

This is the magnet board that Kannon made for Joshua - something he can drive cars on while riding in the car.



Passing out presents on Christmas morning.
Sarah's last ballet. She decided that she just doesn't love it.  So we decided to try tumbling instead.
Little boy, couldn't wait to eat a candy each day, had to do it all at once.
The only real snowfall we had all winter.  She's having to work really hard to get that pile of snow.

Loved this!  Joshua was making a trail with his bike and then .........
Ben was following the trail.
Ward Christmas party.  Joshua was really getting into the singing!

I only sit on one man's lap, my own personal Santa Claus!

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