Sunday, January 5, 2014

September 2012

This month was all about the family!  We made Papa a special whopper cake for his birthday.  MMMM.

We spent countless hours remodeling the laundry room and kitchen.
We met baby Johnny.  So excited to have another John Bake in our family.

Celebrated my dad's retirement and my mom's 60th birthday with a big family shin-dig!  I decided to host the big event.  We made my dad's favorites for dinner: chicken-fried steak, and a pot of beans.

Guessing the ages of mom and dad in each picture.  Also a large word find puzzle with all of my dad's work experience.

Taking a cousin bath - Joshua and Natalie.
What mad skills you have, Uncle Stephen!?  The better to ride this unicycle with, my dears.
Eating ice cream sandwiches on the patio at mom's.  Looking good sister Sue.

Going for a little walk in the sunset.  I have the best family ever!

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