Sunday, January 5, 2014

October 2012

This month was a bit rough.  We moved!  I'll get to that.
Started off with General Conference.  Having breakfast while watching the Saturday morning session.
Continuing the remodel.  It was really hard using this kitchen for the month!  For awhile I was washing dishes in the tub.  We still had the use of the fridge and stove.  The mess that the remodel made was enough to drive me crazy.  Literally.  I think I had some major depression during and after this event.
Some me and Joshua time.  We went to visit the ducks.

My kids get their sweetness from their dad.  This note says it all:  Dad & Mom you are the BEST parenst ever in the whole intier wereld!   This note was from Sarah.  Kannon likes to leave me love notes in dry erase marker on the mirrors.  He would usually leave the marker in the bathroom.  That has created beauty like this and also great messes when Joshua gets ahold of the marker!
So, we haven't been fitting in this little house for awhile now.  Everything kind of worked out for us at this moment in time, making it possible to move to a bigger place.  My cousin, Valerie and her husband were ready to find a place to rent and a bigger house in the country was available for us.  So, we went ahead with the swap.  We moved on Kannon's birthday.  We had a month to finish the kitchen after that before renting out our house.
One of the first nights at the new place.  Carving our pumpkins.
We really like the new house.  It has 3 bedrooms!  On a small horse ranch - we are renting from David and Loni Faught.  We love living out of town, although learning that the drive back and forth isn't so fun!
My princess and my pirate ready to go trick-or-treating!

Testing some of the loot.  We met up with Benjamin and the Mortensen's at the end of the night and we rested a bit while the bigger boys got more candy.

This was Ben's costume.  He was Darth Vader.  He wasn't with us too much on Halloween so I made him put it on again later for a picture.  You can see our new living room.  My favorite part - it's a sunken living room.  I've always wanted one of those.

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