Sunday, January 5, 2014

Las Vegas 2012

This was such a great trip!  We always love our trips to visit Kannon's aunt and uncle in Boulder City, NV.  We left early on Friday morning to start off our Labor Day weekend.  We went straight to the Lied Discovery Children's Museum and enjoyed some fun-filled hours there!
Playing store - this is my favorite and would have been greatly loved by me as a child - love to shop!
Creating gigantic bubbles!
This lady was great; she did some science experiments with baking soda, vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide.  She let Ben and Sarah be her helpers.
We had to try out the wind tunnel.  Sarah's was the  best physical reaction!

The one million pennies!

Best part of any visit to Boulder City - time in Aunt Karen's pool!

I love that smile!
We took the kids down to see the Boulder Dam and the new bridge.  It was so hot and we all got a bit cranky.  But, we walked more than halfway across that bridge anyway.

We were advised to stop by a park in the city and check out the Big Horn Sheep.  We were so excited to see them milling about having some supper of grass.  The Big Horn Sheep is our school mascot and the kids were stoked to see them so close.
Okay, so I just have a really good zoom.  They weren't too close, but Ben was cool enough to capture a couple in his hand!

Before leaving the area we visited with my brother Nathan and his family and in-laws.  Always good to see them!

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