Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Our Weekend

We really enjoyed having Daddy home for a few days. He got back on Friday and I think we just hung out at home doing errands and normal friday stuff. We spent Friday evening at my friends' house watching the Olympic opening ceremonies. We really enjoyed the company, the food (we all brought something to snack on - I made spinach dip and apple dip, YUMMY!), and the show. It was fun to visit during commercials (yeah, they're good for something) and we all marveled at the fabulous job of designing and performing the program.
On Saturday, Kannon told Ben we were going to do something as a family. So, I made a list of things we could do in town that were free or super cheap. From the list it was a unanimous decision to float down the river. We had to wait until Sarah woke up from her nap. We borrowed tubes from my parents and went around 2 or 3. The water was so perfect! Not too cold, but cool enough to keep us comfortable with the sun shining on us. Benjamin wasn't sure he would like it, he kind of wanted to swim instead of float, but we convinced him it would be fun. I sat in my tube and we tossed Sarah on top. And then we just floated. It was so peaceful and relaxing and we really enjoyed being together. I enjoyed the nature, and wished I had a water-proof camera. We even saw some ducks along the way (Sarah would say "quack quack" and even started singing the "Happy Song" from the primary music!) Sarah kept saying she wanted to get out or go home, but wasn't willing to move from her spot on my lap. She told Kannon that she had fun, when it was all over. Ben wanted to do it again, right then. So, I'm hoping we can go again this week or next with my mom, who loves to float down, too.
We had to send Kannon off to work again right after church on Sunday (we get out at 3:30). So, here we are on our 2nd week without the man!


The Youngs said...

I'm glad you guys were able to spend some fun time as a family this weekend. I know how hard it is not having a husband around. I've been there A LOT. It can be really tough, and I admire you for handling things so well thus far!

The de Arrieta's said...

Oh my goodness! Your little girl looks like you! Way too cute. I am so glad that you found my blog so that now I can check out yours. Beautiful kiddos Betz!