Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sarah, too!

Not to be outdone is my beautiful Sarah! One of her "talents" (so I use that word liberally, how many 2-year-olds really have talents!?) is walking in heels! She probably does it better than me! She has always loved shoes. It was one of her first words. And she's particular about what shoes she wears each day. I have soooo many of these pictures.

These are the cute play shoes I got her for her birthday. She wore them outside (and left them outside) so much that they are worn out now. She was still trying to walk around in them yesterday even though one shoe is kind of broken.
These are mommy's heels, Sarah admiring herself in the mirror. I often find my shoes (and Ben's or Daddy's) scattered around the house and think, "I didn't wear these?!" Only to realize where they came from.
I know, I know, eating should not be considered a talent. And I don't know why I have so many pictures of her eating!? Maybe because she still gets so messy! Here are the powdered donuts - Daddy's favorite treat!
Uncle Nathan was teaching her how to dip and lick the frosting. Her lips and fingers were so blue!
Sarah is a great one for making me smile. She has always been a happy girl. Even as an infant she would grin at me as soon as she saw me each morning. Now I get the addition of hearing "I love you" too. Tonight as we were leaving Grammy and Papa's house I caught her giving Papa a real kiss, those are pretty rare. Lucky him!
And who knew you could be this talented! Two binkies at once! (She calls them "binkins". I think she got it from me saying something like, "put your binkie in.") In this picture you can also see her pink blankies. She has three of them, they are just little bitty things, but she has to have one whenever she has her binkie in. She throws a fit if she sees me washing them!

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Margaret said...

Fun posts!! Both your kids are very talented. I would say Ben is very social too. I loved it when you came to visit and he just had to tell me everything. It's fun. Cute pictures as well. Thanks for putting the fundraiser info on your site. You're great. Good luck with the home schooling.