Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Funeral weekend

The 2 Johnny's - Nancy and baby Colby

Rock Band -

I'm having a really hard time getting pictures on for this entry. Last week I took my SD card in to have the latest pictures developed. The next day, when I wanted to take a picture, I couldn't find it. I looked everywhere, but I'm pretty sure it got thrown away at Walmart - it was in an envelope - and I'm sure no one bothered to look inside. So, I tried taking pictures of the pictures, they were pretty blurry. I tried scanning them, but our scanner is crappy. I tried turning the pictures so they wouldn't be crooked, but that process didn't really work out. So, "you get what you get, and you don't throw a fit!"
So, August 30, Saturday, was Grandma Young's funeral. I still wasn't very sad - I've just felt so glad that she can be freed from her physical pain and be reunited with her other family members. It was a very nice funeral, love the music and the stories, some I had never heard before. I also enjoyed visiting with my cousins. We had all but 3 of us there. There was a nice dinner afterward and we got to meet and grandma's house after that. I'm excited to have a few more things of Grandma's that I can enjoy and remember her. I love her everyday silverware, always have and now we can use it everyday!
We spent a lot of time at my mom and dad's house over that weekend. We played a lot of games - mostly Rock Band on the wii. I really enjoyed the drums the most. We went to my parents ward on that sunday so we could spend more time with everyone. We ALL got good naps that afternoon.

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