Thursday, September 11, 2008

The last Week

On Monday, Memorial Day, Ben and I headed off for the parade. Any of the AYSO soccer teams that want to, can be in the parade. So, Ben's team - the Alien Rattlers - chose to do it. We dug out some candy bags from the food storage. (Kannon says if we have candy when everyone is living off food storage, we can barter it for other things! So, we have a lot.) I was the "soccer mom" that made the flag. I took pics of the boys and stretched and bulged them until they looked like aliens with long forked tongues! Maybe I can get a picture of it later. When we got there they told me I had to ride the float with him. I was so unprepared for being in the public! I thought I was going to go home and get cleaned up before going to the parade. Oh well. He and I are over the tires on this picture. The boys had a lot of fun throwing candy. There were 2 buckets FULL, and we were more than half out before we got halfway through!
When we got back we had the chance to visit and play with Kannon's sister Sasha and her family. The cousins played in the backyard while Clint and Kannon loaded the woodstove and Sasha and I ran to the store. We barbecued and had a great lunch before they headed back and we took Kannon to the drop off point. Because he had Monday off, they worked Tuesday-Friday. With only 2 days off instead of 3, this last weekend, he decided he'd stay up there (in Elko). So, we decided to go up for the weekend, too.
I left Friday morning and we had an uneventful (thank goodness!) trip up there. We stopped at Grandma's work and said hi. Then hung around the house until JJ got home. I left the kids and took JJ to Wendover. He was meeting his wife (who has been working in SLC and him working in Elko) for a weekend in Wendover. And I was picking up Kannon. We had dinner together at the Peppermill. I had started getting a headache around 4 that afternoon. Normally my headaches don't grow too much and eventually they go away. This one was a grower. On the way to Wendover I kept squeezing my head and slow blinking. It was pretty bad by dinner. Before we headed back to Elko we stopped at a convenience store and I got some Aleve. But half an hour later I was pretty sick. My migraine made me physically ill. Never had that happen before. Not pleasant. Luckily the last thing I'd packed in the car that morning was a couple plastic bags - just in case. I felt better after that and by morning (and after a crappy night) I was well again.
Kannon went to yard sales with his dad and Ben. I left later with my M-i-L and Sarah, and we did our own yard saling! It was pretty enjoyable. Back home for lunch and Sarah's nap and in town again for Brock's soccer game. I left the kids there with Kannon, and MiL and I went to Fashion Bug! I love that store for Plus size sales. I ended up getting $254 worth of clothes for $70 (sales plus instore discount!) I bought some things for now and some that I'm using as inspiration to lose the weight. I took a nap after we got back and after dinner Kannon, Brock, Ben and I went to town for the demolition derby. JJ had won tickets over the radio and gave them to us to go. We had gone to the DD last year at the state fair and really enjoyed it. This one was so disappointing! There were a total of 6 cars involved and tons of waiting!

We went an hour early so we could get good seats. This is Brock and Ben thumb wrestling while we waited. I did a lot of people watching. I started taking pictures of some of the more interesting people until the guy behind me said "she's cute". Then I started to wonder if people would think I was some kind of psycho for taking pics of people I don't know and gave that up. It was interesting to see the 11-year old girls dressed like 16-year olds. Or the guy in front of us who had finished 2 beers before the show and was working on his 4th when we left (early). There was a lady who fed her infant soda from the can. And countless folks texting throughout! Brock took Ben to visit some of his friends and Kannon and I just sat.

We were pretty excited when it started until we noticed the few cars. The first round was 3 cars! Ben liked "Goldie" and I was rooting for "00". My car won. Then we waited about 20 minutes while they towed out the cars and the next 3 came in. Those 3 got stuck together within a minute and they brought in the tow trucks again. That's when we all agreed to leave. We stopped at Maverick and got ice cream - well frozen yogurt. Kannon takes me there almost every visit to Elko, I love their frozen yogurt. We had root beer float flavor - and Ben picked a fountain soda!

Sunday was nice and relaxing. Church went okay. They have sacrament last and by then the kids were out of sorts. MiL and I took Kannon back to Wendover that night. I left Monday morning to come home (the perks of homeschooling!) Our drive home took a long time. I got gas before leaving Elko, we stopped for lunch in Winnemucca (and more gas - I was in the Geo, not sure how far it could go), and then had to stop for about 1/2 an hour for road construction just 30 minutes away from home!

Sarah and Ben watching a movie. It took me awhile to figure out how to work it all - the charger only works when the car is ON! Notice Sarah's fingers in her mouth? We get this a lot lately and it was this weekend when I finally thought, "is it her teeth?" Sure enough, Sarah's 2-year molars are coming in -that totally explains her whiny, cranky moods lately!

This is me, driving, stylin' in my shades! I didn't want to wear my contacts that morning and it was too bright without the sunglasses. So cute, huh?! And aren't I talented to take these photos while driving?!
This is the passenger seat. We had gotten so much extra stuff from the yard sales, Fashion Bug, the bucket of apples from MiL, plus all that we had brought for the weekend. We were totally loaded!
And this is Sarah when we got home. She was so cranky. I don't remember why she was mad, but she just lay down on the sidewalk and pouted. I think I had to go get her, she wouldn't get up by herself. I was glad to be home and it was time to get back to work. I feel like I've been getting organized for the past 3 days. And my house is still a mess. I have the rest of today to finish it, since Kannon comes home tonight. Last Friday, his old boss called him and said we want you back. So this was his last week away! Hurray! I'll be glad to have him home. More time with him, more time he can spend with the kids, and more time I can spend away from them! Not that I do that a lot, but every once in awhile is nice - even if it's just to the store for an hour. I haven't been able to do anything alone for the weeks he's been gone. Plus, he'll be able to help me get to bed earlier and I know I won't eat so much at night with him home. Second of all, (shout out to Kim!) I just love him.

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Micah and Kristine said...

I love the flag you made! And congrats on your hubby getting his job back!