Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Okay, so I almost always have an afternoon food fest. That is my touchy time of day as far as food goes. It's when I've got the kids napping/resting and I guess I use food to relax. Yesterday I was doing okay and then had a sugar need. I found the bag of frosted animal cookies. Even while opening it, my mind was saying "NO!" Did I listen? Of course not. (How do I expect to have obedient children when I'm not so obedient myself?) I ate a few - don't even know how many - then Ben came in from outside. "What are you eating?"
Me: Something I shouldn't be.
Ben: Why?
Me: Because they aren't good for me. (giving him 2 cookies and saving 2 for Sarah) I'll go put these away right now.
And I did.
Sarah mostly just carried hers around for awhile, eventually leaving them at the computer where I was sitting. About 1/2 an hour later I caught myself picking them up, looking them over (you know, for lint and stuff!) and popping them in my mouth where they sat for a few seconds. Then I spit them out. I'm slowly learning to control. What a tedious process, but worth it in the end. I know my husband just thinks "so don't eat it." And there are probably others with the same mentality. I'm here to tell you, it's not that easy. It IS an addiction. Which does make it an evil, and I am conquering!
Tuesday was a really long day for me. We left the house at 8am to go to Elko. I stopped in Winnemucca to drop the kids off for a day with their cousins. It took a lot longer to get to Sasha's house and back to the freeway than I thought it would. I got to Elko around 1 and went straight to pick up the fruit I had ordered. I was picking up 3 boxes tomatoes, 1 box apples, 1 box asian pears, 1 box mixed fruit. This was for me and my mom. The lady didn't get as many tomatoes as were ordered so I ended up with only 2 boxes. I also picked up the stuff for everyone in Winnemucca. Sasha was going to get it, and mine, but her truck was having problems, so I volunteered. I ended up with a pretty full load. I met M-i-L and Risha for a break and a treat, then headed on my way. Now, I don't drive so well. That is to say, I get really sleepy when I drive. On the way with the kids they watched "A Bug's Life" and I ate every one of my snacks I'd brought. On the way to Elko, by myself, I kind of watched "The Princess Bride". It was a listen and glance type of thing. On the way back to Winnemucca it was "Newsies" and the kids watched "The Little Mermaid" on the way back to our house. They sure had a good time with the cousins. Ben fell asleep on the way home, but Sarah was awake. I annoyed her with my sing-along! Poor girl ended up on the sunny side both ways, so there was some fussing going on. I really wanted to get back in time for our enrichment meeting. We made it home by 7 (meeting started at 6:30) and I got the kids inside and left! It was a great meeting. Much needed. And they were still eating when I got there, so I got supper, too.
Wednesday was a pretty normal day. But, the last few bedtime/naptimes have been off. Ben doesn't always take a nap and I don't always make him lay down. Sometimes that makes it hard for Sarah. Sometimes she takes early naps, too. Yesterday, she was just giggly and playing with Ben. Finally I just figured there wouldn't be naps - it was getting late for naps. They were watching tv when I found Sarah. This has been happening every once in awhile, too. Oh! And those cute pants are her pajamas. We got them at a yard sale and it took a little convincing to get her to wear them the first time. Now she wants to wear them all the time! She wouldn't take them off until I told her she could wear them at bed time. Well, at nap time she got them out and wanted them on. She ended up putting them on over her pants. She didn't want to get dressed this morning either!
We are also doing a little more on the potty training side. I never planned on pushing her. I've kind of let her do it on her own. Sometimes she does do it on her own. Kannon found her Sunday morning half naked. He put on his glasses and discovered she had done some pottying. There was some cleaning up to do with that one, glad it was him and not me. She wears her undies about 1/2 of each day. We're getting in the habit of going first thing in the morning, because I make her go before she can "watch a show". (That's in quotes because that's what she says all the time - add a question mark to the end!) Today she came over to me and said she spilled, while picking up her feet and waddling! I asked her where, she showed me and asked for paper towels. She knows that she has to clean it up. She does the dry towels and I follow with the wet. So far we've not had a poop mess like that. I'm sure the day is coming!
And fall doesn't officially start until this weekend, but this little village is one of my September decorations. I just got them out this week. I love this time of year. I am such a 70 degree type of girl! I love needing to cover up more at night and being able to have the front door open to the porch. My rocking chair out there has been calling to me!


Margaret said...

Try graham crackers for a sweet craving. They are low in fat and calories and have just enough "sweet" to help you get by. It's worked for me. Good luck.

GomezFam said...

UGH! The "just don't eat it" comment. I swear, men just don't get it sometimes. If I had a nickel for every time my husband said that. Then he goes and tells me his motto is "eat what you want, and die anyway." Yeah, doesn't quite work that way does it?! Well, just know that I'm right there with ya! We can do it...little by little!