Sunday, February 15, 2009


So, they didn't have any work for Kannon ALL week. That causes a little stress for me. Gratefully, his boss really likes him and offered to put him in the service area of the company. He starts again on Monday, but doing some welding for a big job. Hopefully they will be able to keep us employed, or we'll be looking elsewhere. Well, with the days off we ended up doing some projects around the house. It started with Kannon mentioning that he should screw the shelf we built to the wall. I suggested that we make the outlet a part of the shelf - instead of just a hole in the shelf that passes through to the outlet on the wall. This suggestion led to the rewiring of the dining room and kitchen (partial). We had a few days without lights. But, it's mostly done now and I'm so happy with it.

These are the wallpapers we found under one of the old switches. Our house is 90 years old. It's gone through a lot of changes. We've found pink floors, orange and black stairs to the cellar, green ceilings, orange wallpaper, and now this!

This is not about the house, but I cut Sarah's hair last week. AAAAHHHH! I had talked to Kannon about taking her to the "beauty parlor" and getting it trimmed. He said I could do it just as well. After her bath I started her "trim". Well, I don't know exactly how it happened but her hair is really short now. Kannon chewed me out, "how could you not know what you were doing? - why didn't you just cut a little bit and see before cutting it all?" You get the picture. But, I didn't want her to have trauma, so I decided it was cute and have told her so often. She hasn't had a problem with it - she wanted a haircut like Ben's! I think I have a picture in my next post.

In this picture you can see the side of the fridge - it's on the left-side of the photo - next to the washer and dryer. You go through a doorway there to get to it.

Well, part of the wiring job was adding a plug just for the fridge in the actual kitchen. So, what started out as a simple suggestion turned into these large holes in my kitchen wall. We're not too stressed about it - we plan on remodeling the whole kitchen within the next year. The house is so old that we had push button switches for some of the lights. They are connected to old black wires, that wrap around porcelain things in the walls. We couldn't fish the new wires down through the old wire parts because, as we found out, there was a large board going horizontally through here (the upper hole) that the old wires must have been stuck to. Thus, the need for the upper hole. (Again, you can see the fridge on the right side of this picture)

So, this was the first night without lights. I was making a late dinner and didn't think about the plug-in lights til Kannon brought one out the next night. I was using this battery operated camp lantern. We set up a table in the living room and enjoyed our dinner of chicken roll-ups with gravy, peas and smoothies.

This is what I did with the fridge space. We've been moving this wooden desk-type unit around in all of our housing since our marriage. It's been used as a computer desk, school desk, hobby desk, and now as a storage piece. It was in the dining room and we feel like there is a ton of room, now that we've moved it out.

And here is where the refrigerator is now. Every time I walk in the kitchen my mind goes happy and I think how great it is to have the fridge IN the kitchen. We keep trying to find it where it used to be - It will take us awhile to adjust, I'm sure. You can still see the hole in the top part of the wall, but that's okay for now.


Kim said...

Everything looks so great! I am so impressed with you and Kannon's ability to do it all yourself! It was fun to get to see it all today! i miss you!

Kari said...

Hi, Liz! I found your blog on Trillis' blog. I hope you don't mind. Looks like you've been quite busy lately. I don't know how you can do it all!

Those chicken rolls look yummy.