Sunday, February 15, 2009

Temple Trip

Last weekend was our trip to Utah for the Draper Temple open house. We left Thursday afternoon - Kannon got off early that day. We stayed in Elko that night - got to see brother Kreg for the first time since he came home from his mission. We ended up leaving at 8 am - taking brother Brock with us. We had a pleasant drive, nice small rain showers along the way. It wasn't exactly warm when Sarah asked to put her window down, but she loved it!

Here, Ben and Brock try out the new ipod. We were at Sand Mountain a few weeks ago and Sarah pulled the ipod out of the sand. It didn't belong to anyone we were with and we were excited to find that it worked. There was an extra charger at the Elko Polish's that they let us have. So, the boys were checking out the music. We haven't decided if we are going to keep it, or try to sell it on ebay. It was fun having Brock with us. I think he might have gotten more out of the temple visit than any of us. We passed him on, later, to his friend who brought him home on Sunday.

We went straight to the temple, or rather a nearby chapel, where we were bussed to the temple. It was a nice tour, quiet, peaceful. We had a few minutes of explanation and thought in one of the sealing rooms. Ben enjoyed looking in the mirrors. Then we stopped in the stake center for cookies and water, and Ben left a comment card - "IT WAS COOL".

We stopped at Chuck-A-Rama afterwards for a late lunch, early dinner. Many other temple goers had the same idea, as most of the patrons there were dressed as we were. This is where we gave Brock away! and headed to the Salt Lake area to meet my sister. We dropped off the last of their stuff from the storage unit we'd been sharing and visited for about an hour.

Then on to Sandy, to visit one of my cousins. Both of the kids were asleep when we got there, so Kannon stayed in the car with them and I had a nice visit. Next stop, was in Provo to stay the night at another cousins' house. We really enjoyed our short stay there. Ben got to play with one of their boys his age (they've kind of stayed in touch over the last year or so - Ben likes to send mail). And Sarah found a new love - doll houses! Last year we'd bought the kids these mattress/sleeping bags - and discovered, that night, that they are super squeeky! Rough sleeping. Not to mention that all of our queen mattresses have died in the last year, so Kannon brought just a single mattress. He galantly slept on the floor, but I was concerned for him all night. He didn't seem to mind it or feel sore in the morning, so that was good. We wish we could have stayed longer.
Saturday morning we stopped in Payson for another short visit - this time to a friend I'd met when we lived in Fernley. I'm glad we've been able to stay in touch, and we have a girls night out schedule in the next month or two - her ex-husband is in our town right now.
We called my sis, Janet, and met her and Levi at the mall where he works, for a lunch at the food court. The kids were really excited to see the carousel there. Ben loved it - Sarah, not so much. I rode with her and she was clinging to me the whole time. Which was a little awkward for me - you know the horses move up and down, so I was moving up and down, too - kind of like aerobics!
We spent the rest of the day with Janet, running around town. We even took the kids to a place called Fat Cats - it was okay, but not as good as Boondocks. Then dinner out and off for Elko again. That afternoon/evening I was driving and smelled a burning smell. We couldn't see anything wrong, but when we were dropping Janet off the headlights flickered. I was a little nervous about driving home for 3 hours in the dark, with the possibility of losing our lights. But, we were blessed and made it safely.
Kannon found out before we'd left that he didn't have any work for Monday, so we stayed for an extra day. As he drove our burb in to town that morning, smoke started coming from the light switch. Gratefully, the auto parts store had the part we needed, it was changed and we had no more problems. I still feel like that was a little miracle for us - that we were in the right place, right time to be able to fix it without any danger.
It was a snowy day. Kannon's sister and her family drove up from Winnemucca to pick up some stuff. They let us know that it was rough going over the pass. After Kannon found out he didn't have to work on Tuesday either, I wanted to stay another day - travel when there wasn't a storm. He wanted to travel back with his sisters family. That's what we ended up doing. It WAS really rough going over the pass, but the rest of our drive was fine. We even got home in time for baths and Family Home Evening. This was one of my most comfortable trips. I'm not sure why. I just felt, after we got home, that I'd really enjoyed myself, and wouldn't have had a problem staying longer.

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Margaret said...

Glad you had fun. Sorry that I didn't get to see you. Maybe at the reunion if I go.