Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'm being domestic mamma today. I've got the washer and dryer going, bread rising, son doing schoolwork, dishes done, door hung, and sewing on my list! (BUT - I'm not dressed, and don't look at my living room!) Here are some other things we've been up to lately.
We've had some spring-like weather lately. So, the other day, when I'd been painting and ignoring the kids, I set up a picnic lunch for them. I even joined them for a minute while I ate my sandwich.
I think this was the same day. Ben was in the house, Sarah outside. I decided to check on her. I found her like this:
She had taken all of her clothes off - at least she kept the diaper on! She said she had a "pokey" on her shirt. Why the rest of the clothes had to come off too, I don't know. But, ever since we spent half a day with her cousins she has been doing the strip-down thing. Her cousin, Quade, is just a few months older than her and has always been adverse to wearing his clothes. Sarah has that problem only after being around him! We found them that day in just their diapers/unders. Now, I find her this way quite often. I think I'll start using the naughty spot for this behavior.

Last week we had a family game night with some friends, went to the temple, and had game night with my extended family. We also got our taxes finished - woohoo! On Monday we had the missionaries scheduled for dinner. Sunday we found out that one of them, Elder S., was leaving on Tuesday. He talked to one of his favorite sisters in the ward and demanded that she make stir-fry for him before he left. She didn't think she could fit it in. So, she asked me if I'd make it for him. Well, I was nervous - what if I'm not a good stir-fry cook? I had planned on making baked chow mein, and decided to make them both. So, I made a special trip to the store to get what I would need. I only needed 4 things from that store. It was one of the worst kids-in-the-store experiences. Sarah kept running away. And she wasn't afraid at all. At least it wasn't Wal-mart. But, from now on, I go alone or she's in the cart THE WHOLE TIME! Anyway, I made dinner - they were both going to be ready right on time - I wasn't stressed. About 20 minutes before they were to come, Elder T. called and asked if they could bring an extra missionary. Sure - good thing I made so much food. He then went on to explain that he would be bringing the 2 spanish missionaries and Elder S. would not be coming. What?! Needless to say, I was ticked. I hope they told Elder S. how good my stir-fry was and that he really missed out! He had even told his companion to bring him home some stir-fry if I had made some. Kannon said no way. Other than that, we enjoyed having them in our home. Sarah must have still been hungry, because as I was doing the dishes later, she was eating the leftover rice with her fingers. Even took it in the living room to watch the boys play Mario Kart.

It's really fun to watch Ben play Mario Kart. Check out his video. One day, as he was playing, Sarah was standing next to him mimicking his moves. On Tuesday evening we had a visit from Kannon's grandpa and uncle. They had been golfing, so I had Ben show them how he golfs on the wii. That's a funny one to watch, too, because he swings backwards. He's also backwards on baseball and tennis. It works! He gets better scores than I do sometimes, but I worry about how he'll play the REAL games!


Angie said...

I love those days where I feel like a domestic mom...but by the end of the day, I am DRAINED and

I hear ya on the shopping. My 2nd daughter was a run-away child...she had no fear. Good thing she is almost outgrown of it...(she's 5 1/2). There is a light at the end of the tunnel... :)

Danna said...

I loved the video (although I watched w/ the sound off because Ashley's asleep in my lap)--I loved how Sarah just set down with the rice container and dug in while the boys were playing! My "boys" love to play XBOX together and Ashley sits near them w/ a controller thinking she's playing too. You've sure got a cute fam'!!

Margaret said...

Hahaha! Good thing Ben doesn't drive a real car. That made me want to get Mario cart next. I'll have to check the budget and see if I can spring for it. Fun.