Friday, February 27, 2009

Pennies and Bread - Flashback Friday

So, I don't know how many of these I will actually remember to do, but every once in a while I think of something and how I really should document it. Like yesterday. I heard a train whistle about 3 or 4 times yesterday. We live in town, but don't often have trains come through. It reminded me, though, of Grandma Bake's house. They lived a few blocks from the tracks. We would hear trains going through quite a few times a day. Sometimes we would spend some time setting our pennies on the tracks and coming back later to see if they'd been flattened. We could never find them again. Even just a few years ago, at a family reunion there, Ben was nowhere to be found. He had joined a bunch of other "cousins" on the sidewalk to watch the train go by. He also pointed out the train whistle yesterday.
Another remembrance I had yesterday occurred when I was mixing bread dough. Sarah joined me on her stool. I hate the part where you actually have to get your hands dirty, but she was more than ready to join in. I was a meany and said no. But, as I mixed she kept asking me if she could eat the dough off my fingers. My mom baked bread every week. I envied those kids who had boughten white bread. She would bake at least 6 loaves a week (I'm not sure that was enough as we got older - she may have had to bake more than once. But, she did it when we were out.) I remember eating bread for our snack after school. And on the days she baked, we'd often eat a whole loaf! Anyway, when we were younger I also remember eating the dough off her fingers. Later, I asked her if that was gross - having us suck on her fingers. She said she didn't really think about it. And yesterday, as Sarah bit dough off my fingers, I realized that even if it is kind of gross, it's also an act of love. So, thanks mom, for all the bread!


The Crew said...

Liz, I had to look this up today after our church talk about sin and transgression. Here is the Elder Oaks talk. Cut and paste and you're on you're way.

On another note, I got my last penny off the don't give up!!

Margaret said...

Fun memories. I hated/loved the trains at grandmas. And who can resist hot bread. Mmmmm. Want to come and bake some for me to. I stink at bread making.

Kari said...

That's impressive that you make bread. I've never even tried! That's sweet about Ben and his tooth. I'm not looking forward to when my kids get there. I'll be a mess!

Angela said...

It's funny that you always wanted store bought bread growing up - I always did too. My mom made bread for us all the time and now as a mother I understand how much work went into each loaf. I love your mom learning experiences. -Angela Y.