Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sand Mountain

Sarah's been into sorting things, lately. She did her hair bands one day and I found her sorting these candy hearts from the neighbor. She had a pile for everyone in the family, grandma's and grandpa's, too.

It's been a few weeks since we went to Sand Mountain, but Kannon's been waiting for me to blog about it. I had planned on going to Reno by myself for that Saturday. But, when I got home from my Relief Society meeting, that morning, Kannon informed me we'd been invited to go play at Sand Mountain. I was still going to go to Reno, even though all I wanted to do was take a nap. Kannon seemed to really want me to go with them, so I gave in.

He was able to take both kids for a ride - Sarah's only lasted a few seconds, when she decided she'd had enough.

Here you see Kannon, my bro Nathan, his wife Jackie, and my cousin James. James is the owner of all the toys we played with that day. Thank you, James! (and he's single, ladies!)

I told Kannon I'd probably just be the babysitter the whole time - which I was most of the time. But, I finally got brave enough to try out one 4-wheeler. They told me I didn't even have to go out of first gear - I ended up going at least to 4th. I took Ben for a little ride on the smaller dunes. He often heard me say, "oh, oh, oh, I'm scared". Silly, now that I think about it, but I WAS scared a few times when I went too fast, or over a dune, or thought I was going to roll us.

Kannon took me for a ride later and crazily enough, made me pee my pants! Combine pregnancy, lots of water and a flying leap over a dune that scared even him, and that's what you get! During that same ride he almost caught me on fire, too. In this picture below, we had ridden from left to right to just above the trailer on the right (the top of that hill/dune). Then the 4-wheeler stopped and as he tried to start it flames were shooting out the back. It was a bit before I noticed. We made it down (straight down!) safely. I had a good time and would even go again if asked. Maybe someday we'll even get our own.

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