Thursday, February 26, 2009

Loose Tooth

Benjamin had a funny evening yesterday. He was really cranky come evening, so I told him he should go to bed. Well, he did. I found him asleep in his bed around 5:00 pm. I tried to wake him up at 6 and 6:30, then decided I'd just let him sleep for the rest of the night. Only he didn't stay asleep - I should have known. He woke up at 8:15, just as I was sending Sarah off to bed. He asked me why she was in her pajamas and if she had already eaten. He didn't realize it was already bedtime. A few minutes later he told me his tooth hurt. I asked him if it was loose. A bit later he said it was! He showed me, and it was very loose. I was excited for him. He was scared. He ate, took a shower and was still bothered about it being loose. He was really worried about it hurting. It was kind of a tender evening, as he cuddled up to me and cried. Then cuddled up on Dad's lap, too. My little big boy. It was a little after nine when he was still pretty upset and teary about the tooth. I asked him if he'd like a prayer, or a blessing. He said, "a prayer...a blessing." So, we called Dad who came in and gave him a blessing. He cried throughout the blessing then jumped up and went straight to bed. These kind of tears are special to me. He seems to suppress them. He cries mostly when he's frustrated, not so much even when he gets hurt. So, it touches my heart when he cries over a fear, and I can really know how much it means to him. One of the first things he said to me this morning was that it was still loose. And not just loose, but that it hurt when it wiggled. So, even though he was hungry, he didn't want to eat because it would hurt. I told him to just yank it out, he tried. Then I offered to do it for him. We got it on the second try. Such a little thing! And it did bleed and it did hurt, but he was fine - didn't eat for another hour, though. Now he is excited about the tooth fairy coming tonight - he told Sarah he was going to stay up all night. My little boy is growing up - and I'm already missing the days when he was little.

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