Sunday, October 26, 2008

Last week

I thought her hair was so cute this day - of course it didn't last very long - she's quick to make it messy and then to pull it out. That's why you'll often see it messy in her pictures.
We had a family home evening lesson on temples and the "My Gospel Standards". When it was over Benjamin said, "that's it?" So I told him to make a temple with the blocks. We also made a really huge one with all the blocks. Sarah was bathing so we didn't have to worry about them being knocked over.

Yesterday was Ben's last soccer game(s - we played a double header). We took the flag apart and gave everyone their alien rattler face. This is Ben's.

Sarah loves the new bath pillow. We bought it for Daddy, but everyone (except me) has enjoyed it. I guess I should take a bath sometime.

Last Sunday Kannon took Ben home teaching. While they were gone Sarah and I tried out the new pink pudding - strawberry cancer awareness ones. They were okay. I still like chocolate and vanilla better. Sarah put these spoons in them and had them all ready to eat. Too bad she fell asleep before the boys got home. In fact, her pudding is STILL in the fridge!

We cleaned up the yard one last time before winter. Kannon was mowing and Sarah really wanted to help. Ben took a turn pushing, also. We pulled out all the tomato plants and herbs and raked the yard clean. It actually looks pretty nice out there. Filling up with leaves though.

This is Ben's soccer team and coaches, getting ready to high five the other team. I asked him yesterday who is favorite team mate was. "Probably Parker and Asa. Maybe Austin, too. Oh yeah, and Vance." That's everyone on the team. So I'm glad he liked them all. He had a birthday invitation for today (Sunday). He was very excited to show me the invitation. When I said it was on sunday he said, "I can't go." I asked him why and he said, "because we don't go to parties on Sunday. I was pleased that he'd learned that at such a young age. And did really well to not be upset. We got Vance a gift anyway and Ben was excited to give it to him.

Ben defending his goal. He was pretty good at that. He'd stand at the goal, like a goalie, and wait for the ball to come. At this age they don't have goalies so he sometimes got in trouble for doing that. I guess if he ever plays at an older age he will be a great goalie or defender! As for me, I'm glad it's over for the year. We'll see about next year.


Margaret said...

Good to hear from you again. Fun posts by the way. I love October. It's still fun to go outside. If you ever want to make sugar cookies with Sarah let me know if you need cookie cutters. I have a ton that I'm going to get rid of.

Nancy said...

Tyler thinks that alien picture of Ben is a pig. And he was very impressed with the tower.

The de Arrieta's said...

Your family is just too cute! I just love the picts!