Thursday, October 23, 2008

October Fun

I know it's been awhile (and an hour later I write more!) I guess that's why it's been awhile. I don't get much time for sitting down these days. Why? I don't know! So here are a few things we've done this month.

One thing I love to do is cook/bake. I've found that I get irritated by all my "helpers". So, now I make the conscious decision to invite one of my children to help, when I'm making something that they really can help with. I don't get so upset, they enjoy it, and we're spending quality time doing something we both like! This is Sarah making biscuits for Daddy. A few days ago we were making bread for school and Sarah saw the bowl with the towel over it. She pointed and asked "biscuits?" I think she was a bit disappointed.

We've got this program going with Ben. He earns tickets for doing chores, good deeds, respectful, etc. - and they get taken away for being naughty. With his tickets he can "buy" things from our store - activities or items. He gave me 5 tickets for a trip to the park one day. We had a picnic and they enjoyed playing.

They both took turns chasing the seagulls, Sarah was more enthusiastic about it. I think because she doesn't realize yet that they aren't catchable!

We had our first snow! I think it was about the 6th. We were driving Kannon to Fernley to meet up with a co-worker. (Since we only had one car for a few days, that was necessary for that one day.) So, we piled in the burb around 5:20 am. On the way we started noticing the falling snow. Just little bits of it, almost like bugs in the summer. By the time I got home, it was just getting light and the snow was bigger and starting to stick. It was really fun to watch. Of course it melted in a few hours. And a couple of days later we were back in the 70's - where we've been most of the month!

This is a picture as we got home. It hadn't stuck yet, but the ground was wet.

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