Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Pumpkin Patch

Ok - My pictures are on backwards, so I'll run you through our trip in reverse.
Ben picked this horse to ride in - no names - and why is there a horse on a cow train?

The last part of Lattin Farms was the cow train. Sarah was the first one in and I thought it ironic that she picked THIS cow! Sister Lewis was the one driving and she mentioned to me that she liked to put the big kids in the back. That should have been my clue. Almost as soon as they took off, she was looking for me - close to tears. I worried about her the whole time, the back end was kind of the "whippy" end. When they finally stopped, she said it was too bumpy. All the other kids went again, but she would not get on!

Sarah loved feeding the grass to the goats. As soon as she pushed her grass in, she turned around asking for more. They also got to see the chickens and their eggs - as well as the rabbits.

After the pumpkin patch, Brother Keele stopped by the animals. The kids got a kick out of feeding the "kids"! This was a conveyer thing - you put the food in the bucket and turn the crank. The goats run up the ramp and wait for the food to arrive. Everyone had a turn.

These are the boys - Matthew, Luke, and Ben - with their pumpkin picks!
Do you like my framing job?

Benjamin told me he was going to get the biggest pumpkin in the patch. I reminded him he had to carry it -so he said he'd get the biggest pumpkin in the patch that he could carry. This is what he came up with. I didn't think it was very big, but obviously big enough for him!

The kids were excited to go to the pumpkin patch. Ben was super-excited to see some of his friends. We climbed on the hay wagon and our friend Brother Keele - also Sarah's nursery leader - drove us to the patch. Ben of course wanted to be the first one off. But, Sarah was the first one on! She found her pumpkin quickly - it was just her size.

So this my video of the cow train - fast, huh!?


Janet said...

That train was hecka (i'm a utard, it's allowed) fast!

Nancy said...

I thought you were joking about the "fast" train, until I watched the video. Are they crazy? I'm not sure Tyler would have gone on that.