Thursday, October 2, 2008

School activity!

I finally did it! I talked to one of the old ABC school moms and asked her if she wanted to do a weekly activity. So this was our first. Right now it's just the two boys, but hopefully we can add a few more. I had seen this great Eric Carle art project and really wanted to try it. This is where I found it. And she has a link to Eric Carle's instructions. So we made a lot of paper, lots of colors. I took care of the kids, making sure they had paint shirts on (or no shirt), rinsing brushes, getting new paper, moving the finished ones, filling the paint - we used a muffin tin, it actually worked really well. I ended up getting black paint on my shirt - silly me, didn't wear a paint shirt!
These are a few of the finished products. Luke made 2 red pigs. He told me what he wanted and I helped him cut. I didn't get a picture of his, but it was fun. I did the bottom 2 and Ben made the one on top - all by himself. He wrote on it to his friends - from the bottom up, this is what it says, "THE DUKC AND THE CKATUPILR AND THE SUN - BEN MAD FRUM BEN TO SEAN AND AIDAN" I did help him cut out the duck and put the glue on the pieces for him. It was fun, and we have lots of leftover paper. Maybe I'll use some for a scrapbook page?
Then I wanted to try this apple-caramel bites recipe. Here's where it came from - Amy's Notebook (which I LOVE by the way!) on 7-31-08 "These mini caramel apples would be a great snack for the kids (@ Flickr via Craftzine)- I had actually followed another lady's take on this and didn't remove the skins. Mistake - I think it would have been easier to ball the apple without the skin on. And I used Brach's caramels that I melted and added a little milk. (like a Tbsp. for half the bag of caramels.) I found that I had to re-melt it before we got done. We used some fun sprinkles and the boys ate more than I thought they would. They were really yummy and I coated a few more apples with the leftover caramel. Yeah fall!
Here's the mess I made of the apples, aaahh!


Amy said...

YUM! I have been meaning to try that too! It looks like a yummy treat- I bet you guys had a blast.

Thank you SO much for doing an experiment! I love seeing what everyone else is doing!


Paige said...

Oh, that looks Yummy!

Andrea Bake said...

What a fun idea!